Marketing Analytics and Insights

Market Analytics and Insights (Strategies)

Both the Healthcare sector and Healthcare marketing have evolved dramatically over the past decade. According to a recent study, it is revealed that about 91% of healthcare consumers reported that online communities play a critical role in their decision on the selection of a healthcare professional. Similar to that, it is found that 87% of people share their healthcare experience in Facebook posts while 81% use other social media channels to share information.

At our healthcare digital marketing agency, our professionals are highly skilled and experienced and offer productive marketing analytics and insights to present your healthcare organization with a unique opportunity to connect with your target prospects. We focus on unmasking the marketing analytics and Data-driven insights behind healthcare and develop solid tricks and tactics to match your needs across the digital spectrum. 

How Do We Help You Grow?

Robust Brand Building.

Employ Audience Segmentation by specific attributes.

Highlight strength in Conversion Process.

Drive New patient Acquisition

Increase Marketing Return of Investment (ROI)

Reach Precise Audience with Specific Message

What Are Our Market Analytics and Insights?

Proper Segmentation of Audience in Marketing Analytics and Insights

Proper Segmentation of Audience

Our team understands the success of healthcare marketing depends on how we focus on data-driven analytics. Hence we strive hard to create meaningful and active insights to help the potential healthcare consumers to find your medical practice. We also make sure to segment your audience beyond demographics like age and gender. With effective strategies including email campaigns, we uncover your most relevant prospect's behavior, the factors that influence their decisions and much more to achieve your goal.

Enhanced Lead Attribution

With a better view of your insights, we enhance your lead attribution and helps you to understand the various marketing activities including organic web traffic and active social media marketing that have a significant impact on lead acquisition. Our experts are highly experienced and assure to gain accurate and reliable lead attribution data by exploring various marketing tactics.

Personalized Patient Communication

Our team implements productive marketing communication strategies that cater to the specific experience of the patients in your organization. It will help your practice to enrich your relationship with existing patients, enhance their loyalty to your firm, improve patient retention while also increase the up-selling and cross-selling efficiency. We also increase your referrals by sending personalized email marketing campaigns to the segmented patient list.

Specific and Precise Advertising

Our professional experts are highly skilled and employ specific and precise advertising tactics to deliver better results to your profit, thereby increasing more patient leads as well as the Return of Investment (ROI). We work closely with your team to understand your targets and strive to target the ideal patients with specific campaigns in Facebook Ads and Google Ads based on their characteristics and behaviors.

Personalized Patient Communication In Marketing Analytics and Insights
Data Driven Insights in Marketing Analytics and Insights

Data-Driven Insights

We ensure to leverage the healthcare sector's best comprehensive network of data to get a holistic view of your potential target patients for better results. With customized marketing data-driven insights, we provide your healthcare organization, a profitable and smarter data management opportunity to develop rich and personalized experiences for the patients which motivate them to connect with you again.  


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