Agency Reviews

Agency Reviews

Asking your patients to write reviews for you online is not only recommended…it’s essential. Patient feedback - especially online reviews and ratings posted on doctor review sites - are one of the most important factors in the overall success of any healthcare organization.    

Online reviews are social proof that helps patients cut down their research time and also helps them make decisions faster and more confidently. 

Importance of Reviews


84% of patients use online reviews to evaluate physicians and more than 77% of patients use online reviews as their first step in finding a new doctor. 30% decide solely based on reviews on websites like Google, Yelp, etc. and 60.8% of patients avoid doctors based on negative online reviews. Thus, it is really important for healthcare providers that their online reviews on such platforms are a true reflection of the service that they provide.

Healthcare providers must be aware of the top websites patients use to write and read reviews of doctors. By claiming a profile on these sites, we can improve your online visibility, capture valuable patient feedback, and drive patient acquisition. Having ownership of your profile also enables us to update your business information, expand communication lines with patients, and build a strong online reputation.   

Role of review sites

Review sites try their best to ensure that reviews are consistent with the actual performance of an organization. Different review sites have developed their algorithm to weed out fake reviews; both good and bad.  

Healthcare providers must increase the number of positive reviews on review sites for their doctors as well as their hospitals.  Hospitals are given a rating of one through five stars, which is displayed to the public. The narrative component of reviews often reflects the features of a hospital experience most important to patients, providing information that structured surveys cannot. 

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Managing Reviews

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We have the perfect team of online review experts to make sure your organization has a review strategy that works. We help you remove negative reviews, gain new reviews and set in motion a long term strategy for review management.

Our online reputation experts put together a thorough plan to make sure your business reviews are managed properly. We do a deep dive into your review profile and put together a comprehensive plan to tackle your reviews across many sites. We fix poor reviews, gain new reviews and monitor your reputation across the web.     

We find places where we can best leverage reviews for your business, and put a plan into action. Our team makes sure the reviews you earn are well placed and leveraged to earn you new customers and build trust.

Boost Your Star Rating

We increase your organization's star ratings across Google, Facebook and hundreds of other platforms. Wherever your customers maybe we can help and ensure you have loads of positive reviews and bright glowing stars. 

Fresh & Frequent Reviews

Even when you're sleeping, we're not. Our service allows for new reviews to constantly flow in from your actual customers ensuring a constant stream of fresh reviews. 73% of consumers believe that reviews older than 3 months are not relevant. 


strategies of scale up your marketing

Review Monitoring & Automated Alerts

We monitor your reputation channels and alert you when a new review comes in. We take action immediately and reply to your faithful customers. Doing so instantly builds trust with new customers and prevents harmful consequences from negative reviews.

Stop Bad Reviews, Before They Happen

Negative reviews are going to happen. We allow them to show up only after converting those reviews into private feedback which allows you to take care of any issues before they become public.

Deep Insights & Reports

We provide monthly reports on your reputation showing you exactly how well the service is working for you. We are also targeting the areas that require optimization or improvement 

Nobody’s dancing with joy about their upcoming trip to the hospital. 

 While you can’t change the way people feel completely, a healthy reputation can inspire confidence and calm. When people see that you’re professional and have a clean track record (with no scary complaints), it makes a big difference. They need to know that they can trust you and that you’ll take care of them.   

Healthcare Digital Marketers focus on increasing the number of positive reviews for your hospital as well as individual physicians on agency review sites.

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